Polly the cat’s advice on Social Media.

Polly looks like she’s not paying attention, but she has your best intentions at heart when it comes to “you” and “your” business avoiding Social Media disasters. There are several ways small businesses can become enmeshed by social media. Polly here can begin by naming just a few, and knowing of these “nightmares” is a means to know how to prevent them. Our personal lives can become much more entwined with our professional lives when computers, internet, and social media are involved. Learn a few very basic ways to avoid your business’s social media disaster. Prevent racy texts or images from going public on social media; this could destroy your company’s reputation – This is Rocket and Roxy; they were just lounging around together,in the employee lounge, when a friend shot this pic of the two cat nappers in action. This image was posted on Facebook with a saucy message, and with no intent to be seen by ‘everyone’. Now public to all, tweeted, instagrammed, posted, linked and seen by their employers, who by the way do not condone cat napping between employees in the employee lounge. If you or your employees are sending out racy images, messages, texts or tweets, it could taint your company’s reputation. You can’t control what any of your employees do on social media at their homes, but you can properly inform them in the repercussions of negative social media. Ignorance is usually the culprit behind “bad press” within social media. So, in the end, educate your employees, pay attention to what you and they may be  posting, and remember those images, texts and... read more